Donnerstag, Januar 01, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

We had a fun New Year's Eve. Suzie and Markus spoilt us with a delicious three-course-Korean-dinner which was served all at once :-) In case you're interested in a more detailed description of the fantastic food - here it is: 대 지 고 기 (which means Tae Ji Ko Gi, in case you didn't know, HEHE) and 만 두 (Man Du - my all time favorites!) and the yummy 감 자 파 잔 (Kam Ja Pa Jeon, from which we had left-overs for tonite) ... and BBQ'd the 갈 비 (Kal Bi) ... Geez, I am so amazed about my brother's Korean ... The kids had fun with the chop sticks, which they mastered quite good ;-)

Oh my, I think I spent a fortune on the "exciting" table fireworks to count four spiders, six spooky rings, a gazillion useful plastic toys and paper streamers :-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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