Mittwoch, Januar 28, 2009

Mademoiselle Tamara

Preventing an insane overload of pics ... here's the sneak peek of the sneak peek, hehe.

Just look at her: BEAUTIFUL Tamara ... ... 13 years old and georgeous! What a mademoiselle! While she was flipping through the magazine, she showed me all the neat clothes and said "I need to have this and that and this and that" being quite serious about it, haha.

Simply beautiful

She LOVED to pose ... and she did great!

I also LOVE her goofyness. She can be quite serious at times ... but the very next second she bursts out laughing, then she throws her arms around you and hugs you to pieces. She's very passionate and she's always honest and authentic. 

There will be MORE pictures of her up soon - so please stay tuned ...

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