Samstag, Januar 10, 2009


Meet beautiful five-year old Kayra ... who couldn't be any prouder, because two months ago, she became the big sister of the cutest baby boy!

Meet Kayra's super cute baby brother Orhan Can ... ... in whom I immediately fell in love with today. Hopefully Orhan Can can leave the hospital soon - this brave little hero had on top of his heart surgery a rotavirus infection ...

Kayra and her beautiful mother Sehriban

I feel so fortunate having met this beautiful family

When I left this morning to go to the hospital, I made two big mistakes telling my "very-excited-because-becoming-a-nurse-when-I-grow-up" daughter Juliana that I a) go to the hospital and b) meet a cute little baby boy .... Can you imagine how upset she was? Yep, she can still throw a tantrum at age seven ;-)