Dienstag, Januar 06, 2009

Congratulations, Nicole!

It's always the greatest pleasure hanging out with one of the super-cutest girls around: Jolina .. ... who was HAPPY as always this afternoon ... flirting and greeting and putting her magic cute spell on every single Starbucks savorer :) ... and, of course, drawing the lucky winner of my mini photo session: CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE!!! Hmmm, Nicole also happens to be the Mommy of cute little Jonas who accidentally!!! happens to be the boyfriend of Jolina ... I know what you're thinking now ... but NOPE, no cheatings going on ... we have almost 40 (yep, it was damn cold outside) witnesses for the drawing, HEHE.

And here's some really really good news for all of you who followed the posts about Jolina and her five chemos in the last months: it's all over since the beginning of November and her wonderful family couldn't be happier!

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