Freitag, Dezember 05, 2008

Jule und Jonas

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful little baby girl .... Jule ... ... seven months old and cuteness overload. When I looked into her crib the first time, she gave me this BIG smile and dang .... She's already stealing everybody's heart!

She just radiates LOVE and HAPPINESS ... what a gift! She smiled the whole session and was in such a good mood, so I smiled the whole session, too! haha .... Speaking of her infectious smile .... have you read this recent study that HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS?

BTW, her cute hat is, of course, one of Ulli's awesome little creations!!!!

Meet Jonas, Jule's 2-year-old cute little big brother, who loves her to pieces! Too bad we had to shoot inside .... they live in paradise, on a farm and have piglets every three weeks. I want a session with the little piglets - how fun would that be!!!

The next second she started goofying around - love it! Jonas liked it, too!

A little Santa Claus spirit :-) Don't forget to clean and polish your boots alright - wishing you gallons of chocolates!!! haha

Such a handsome little boy!

The cutest Santa Baby ever! Of course, I like her name a lot. Jule is also one of Juliana's nicknames ....

I love this look! Babies make so many funny faces ..... I just wonder what she's thinking here :-)

Mommy is the proudest!!!! And she's got every reason to be!

I could go on an go on and post a gazillion pics more of her in every pose :-)

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