Mittwoch, November 26, 2008

Marie, Lynn & Family

Meet Marie, 6 years old and Lynn's beautiful, big sister and my 2008 Christmas Countdown Model (this countdown is purely for myself to remind me how many days I got left for running my Christmas errands - yep, probably meet me Christmas Eve early morning downtown, haha)

We had so much fun! She's got a great personality, too! AWESOME FAMILY!

Daddy is KING! His three girls LOVE him!

And he ENJOYS it!

Such a great couple: Andreas and Katja

I should send this picture to Men's Health! :-)

When I need a motivation boost, I only need to talk to Katja. She's got a great attitude and is so full of energy - all for her kids. For her inclusive school project she's organizing a big Charity Gala to raise fonds and AWARENESS! And she's the right person for that. She could convince you that you need at least 5 vacuum cleaners - all in a different color - and you'd buy them in an instant, I swear! :-)

Before I show you my favorite family pics, I gotta tell you my funniest shooting story ever: After we had coffee (and lots of apple juice ... in the café) we looked for a quiet place in the hallway to take the pics. We found it, and Katja even found a quiet and non-visited spot around the corner where she could change (she brought several outfits). Her spot even had a nice dark mirror between the stone walls, where she looked into several times, combing her hair, checking her looks and getting changed in front of this mirror several times. All of a sudden and to our great surprise and shock, this mirror openend and behind it was a conference room where a beamer presentation was held. You should have seen Katja's face when she looked at all these people who were sitting there and looking at Katja. This was the first time I saw Katja absolutely speechless. I have no clue what presentation took place in this room, but I am 100 % sure they all missed it and only looked at beautiful Katja! :-)