Freitag, November 14, 2008

A little b-day sum up

Looking at these two shots I just realized what a big girl I have already!

At times she was quite overwhelmed, but HAPPY ... I bet she could party on forever ...

We had a big birthday party yesterday and celebrated to the fullest ... She so much enjoyed being the centre of attention and having her beloved friends over.

Here's a little sum up :-)

10 fun games and sweets in everybody's bag at least ;-)
9 awesome birthday guests
8 Martini needed for me to relax and calm down again ;-)
7 years of blessing
6 times 20 felt decibel of noise
5 gifts of Lillifee
4 girls with the little extra
3 delicious cakes
2 friends from school
1 boy (yep, Nicolas was allowed to stay, haha)

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