Mittwoch, November 12, 2008

Her own fairy tale

Tomorrow she'll be SEVEN - I can't believe it!!! Yep, she's no longer my little baby, but my big school girl. And she knows exactly what she wants ... "Girls only!" for her birthday party - poor Nicolas! I hope he'll be let in, too. ;-) And she wants to play the violin so badly ... (remember: aim high!) ... I will check on that ... she still has tiny little hands ... does anyone have experience with that?

Just absolutely on time she received the neatest gift from her awesome friends Luke (he's her American penpal) and his super cute little brother Reid - can you tell how happy she is?! Poor Aunt Suzie will have to read this book over and over to her when she comes on Christmas :-)

S E V E N !!!

In case you're still looking for an awesome Birthday or Christmas gift .... you gotta check "I see me" - they do personalized gifts for children - I love it!

Ok, I am off preparing 27 muffins for her class ... more muffins for her party and the BIG cake - so you won't hear from me in a great while, hehe. Life is busy.

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