Sonntag, November 30, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I had the ultimate pleasure in photographing these two beautiful girls: Newborn Livia and her proud Mommy Louisa ...

So adorable and already so alert!

Louisa, looking absolutely FABULOUS. She's one of those lucky girls who leave the hospital with the same jeans that fit before the pregnancy ...

When I delivered their birth announcement cards I hardly couldn't believe my eyes how much Livia had grown and changed in only a couple of weeks ....

Their most precious Christmas gift ...


Freitag, November 28, 2008

Buchlesung in Lauf/Nürnberg FÄLLT LEIDER AUS!

Unsere geplante Buchlesung in Lauf a.d.Pegnitz bei Nürnberg MUSS LEIDER AUSFALLEN! Ein neuer Termin (wahrscheinlich Frühjahr 2009) ist noch nicht bekannt .... ich halte Euch natürlich auf dem Laufenden ....

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Mittwoch, November 26, 2008

Marie, Lynn & Family

Meet Marie, 6 years old and Lynn's beautiful, big sister and my 2008 Christmas Countdown Model (this countdown is purely for myself to remind me how many days I got left for running my Christmas errands - yep, probably meet me Christmas Eve early morning downtown, haha)

We had so much fun! She's got a great personality, too! AWESOME FAMILY!

Daddy is KING! His three girls LOVE him!

And he ENJOYS it!

Such a great couple: Andreas and Katja

I should send this picture to Men's Health! :-)

When I need a motivation boost, I only need to talk to Katja. She's got a great attitude and is so full of energy - all for her kids. For her inclusive school project she's organizing a big Charity Gala to raise fonds and AWARENESS! And she's the right person for that. She could convince you that you need at least 5 vacuum cleaners - all in a different color - and you'd buy them in an instant, I swear! :-)

Before I show you my favorite family pics, I gotta tell you my funniest shooting story ever: After we had coffee (and lots of apple juice ... in the café) we looked for a quiet place in the hallway to take the pics. We found it, and Katja even found a quiet and non-visited spot around the corner where she could change (she brought several outfits). Her spot even had a nice dark mirror between the stone walls, where she looked into several times, combing her hair, checking her looks and getting changed in front of this mirror several times. All of a sudden and to our great surprise and shock, this mirror openend and behind it was a conference room where a beamer presentation was held. You should have seen Katja's face when she looked at all these people who were sitting there and looking at Katja. This was the first time I saw Katja absolutely speechless. I have no clue what presentation took place in this room, but I am 100 % sure they all missed it and only looked at beautiful Katja! :-)


Dienstag, November 25, 2008

Lynn Suna

She's only 3 years old, but has already got some great personality ... And she's stealing everybody's heart in an instant: beautiful Lynn ... ... and Mommy in LOVE

I love the symbolic in this picture .... just as if she'd know. Lynn has changed the life of her parents a great deal ... Her mother Katja (and of course Daddy!) is putting all her energy (and boy, she's got some GREAT energy!!!) in founding an inclusive elementary school ... For more information ***CLICK HERE***

Such a BEAUTY!!!!

She could teach us some self-confidence!!!

Always flirting with DADDY .... To me, she seems more like a six-year-old, she was so cooperative, she's a PRO! ..... More pics of this wonderful family coming soooooon! :-)

She's so much fun!!!!

Can you tell this is her favorite pose, haha!

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Montag, November 24, 2008

Skype addict Juliana

My daughter is a skype addict. Well, I can't blame her. Seeing her beloved Uncle Markus and Auntie Suzie on the screen although they are miles and miles away ... that's absolutely cool for her. Skyping with a dog is even cooler :-) Meet Dizzy, Suzie's cool dog - Juliana LOVES, which we would just love to meet, but she can't bring him on Christmas, because dogs need to be quarantined for at least six months. Good thing there's skype ...:-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're counting the days you're coming!!!!

See you guys Thursday on Skype - showing off your Turkey, haha.


Sonntag, November 23, 2008

Marlene and Mathilda

It's this time of the year ... already, ugh! Jingle Bells craziness all over {me}! I guess, it's about time for another post ;-) ... I shot these three beautiful girls a few weeks ago ...

Meet adorable 3-year-old Marlene ... she had so much fun at the session ...

Having fun with her beautiful Mommy ... Happiness overload!

Then ... her beautiful little baby sister Mathilda woke up from her morning nap ... She was immediately in a good mood and just smiled from one ear to her other ...

The two (9-month-olds do so know what they want, haha!) girls wanted a tutu session ...

Look at her cute hair and the toe


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Samstag, November 15, 2008

Stella and Joel

I almost fell off my chair when I saw her coming in .... Our last session was exactly two years ago ... and ***THIS IS*** how I remember her ... now she's a big BEAUTIFUL girl who just celebrated her second b-day ....

So darn cute ... in her christmassy outfit :-)

And she posed in every way I suggested .... normally I am more like on a safari with two-year-olds, chasing them around and capturing them as they are in the "wild" :-)

Her fabulous looking Mommy .... and the RED wall I love so much!

Remember her super handsome brother Joel? He turned seven in April and enjoys going to school. He had so much fun having his pictures taken for Christmas ...

The Wall!

If I need ever to look for cute models again - he'll be definitely on my list! Such a great poser!


Freitag, November 14, 2008

A little b-day sum up

Looking at these two shots I just realized what a big girl I have already!

At times she was quite overwhelmed, but HAPPY ... I bet she could party on forever ...

We had a big birthday party yesterday and celebrated to the fullest ... She so much enjoyed being the centre of attention and having her beloved friends over.

Here's a little sum up :-)

10 fun games and sweets in everybody's bag at least ;-)
9 awesome birthday guests
8 Martini needed for me to relax and calm down again ;-)
7 years of blessing
6 times 20 felt decibel of noise
5 gifts of Lillifee
4 girls with the little extra
3 delicious cakes
2 friends from school
1 boy (yep, Nicolas was allowed to stay, haha)

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Mittwoch, November 12, 2008

Her own fairy tale

Tomorrow she'll be SEVEN - I can't believe it!!! Yep, she's no longer my little baby, but my big school girl. And she knows exactly what she wants ... "Girls only!" for her birthday party - poor Nicolas! I hope he'll be let in, too. ;-) And she wants to play the violin so badly ... (remember: aim high!) ... I will check on that ... she still has tiny little hands ... does anyone have experience with that?

Just absolutely on time she received the neatest gift from her awesome friends Luke (he's her American penpal) and his super cute little brother Reid - can you tell how happy she is?! Poor Aunt Suzie will have to read this book over and over to her when she comes on Christmas :-)

S E V E N !!!

In case you're still looking for an awesome Birthday or Christmas gift .... you gotta check "I see me" - they do personalized gifts for children - I love it!

Ok, I am off preparing 27 muffins for her class ... more muffins for her party and the BIG cake - so you won't hear from me in a great while, hehe. Life is busy.

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