Donnerstag, Oktober 16, 2008

Sindy and Phil

With this huge post I will make up for a week long not posting, hehe (good excuse for Mrs. Always-Long-Posts, isn't it! :-)

I had the ultimate pleasure of shooting this awesome couple: Sindy and Phil. They are so much fun to hang out with. I love the story how they met. They were both looking for an apartment in Las Vegas. Phil (from Michigan) wanted to move into the apartment next door to his buddies ... but Sindy was faster ... and took over the apartment. To cut a long great love story short ... only a few months later, Sindy moved again ... and since then they have the same key :-)

Phil gave everything at our shoot :-) I always love long shutter speeds ...

Sindy ... looking GORGEOUS

I am so envious - they took a six-months-sabbatical and just returned from their awesome trip around the world - LIVE LIFE!!!

Almost obligatory for me to take a close-up shot of his Chucks :-)

Such a beautiful couple - inside and out

They love our German Champagne ... and did a little dancing ...

Sindy reminds me of a German actress, but I can't think of her name -anyone help, please! :-)

Sindy had no idea that Phil was goofying around behind her back which made me crack up

Phil's awesome hat is multi-functional ... Frisbee ...

... and Volley-ball

Driver wanted! :-)

I might not post for another week ... still recovering from the flu ...and so very behind with everything ....