Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2008

One of these afternoons

Almost off to Hamburg (who else is going to the "Fachtagung Down-Syndrom"???) ... I thought I give you a little insight in the total craziness that we have when my kids hang out with their best friends. Recognize Anastasia and Stefan from my book Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück? According to Juliana is Anastasia her little goddess! I remember (as if it'd be years ago, haha) when they were in kindergarten, Juliana always caught heck from the teacher, because she was cuddling up to Anastasia and gave her a gazillion kisses :)
Nefeli and Nicolas (two three-year-old troopers) know already that they wanna get married ... The cute little guy in this picture is the girls' little brother Loukas (almost two) ... Stefan (a cool stay-at-home-Dad) lost approximately 10 lbs. that afternoon, cause he had to play airplane with all five kids - again and again and again :-) Here you see Juliana's turn ...

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