Donnerstag, Oktober 23, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

A little bit of old school photography for a change? :-) I took this picture of Nicolas almost six months ago when he put on my glasses ... ok, I added the sleek hairstyle. So this morning (poor little man is home sick with the stomach flu) I showed him this picture to cheer him up a little bit. He didn't recognize himself and insisted that it's definitely not him ... "because I don't look like a pirate."

Some of you (thanks Nina for letting me know early this morning) might have noticed that my comment line has mysterically disappeared. And luckily Ulli is THE Blogger expert by now and told me on the phone that Blogger has changed its comment design last night ... so I guess I have made too many CSS-changes in the past with my really old blog that it didn't accept the new changes or that's simply their revenge for my looooong posts, hehe ... I am screwed!!!! I don't seem to be able to fix the problem (what is CSS anyway? ;-) ... so pleeeease once in a while send me some feedback, drop me an e-mail - I LOVE it - I NEED it :-) I'd be so HAPPY!!!!!! Thank you!!!!