Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008


Today I fell in love with this little girl: Two-year-old Freya ... cute as cute can be! She enjoyed her hot chocolate ....

... and our YUMMY breakfast ....

Well, since my comment-function is still down, it does probably make no sense in starting a little contest guessing with which two awesome Bavarian photographer friends I hang out today in Munich again. A little hint: one girl is from Augsburg and the other one loves to drown her roll in her cappuccino, hehe. Just kidding ... but Freya got a huge kick out of that when it happened to Mommy! :-) Ok - another hint: from whom has Freya inherited all her beauty? :-)

This shot is for me ... yep, life is good! But you can tell that it was all DARK and rainy today ... tomorrow we'll even have snow!!!

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