Sonntag, Oktober 05, 2008

DS-Symposium in Hamburg

I just got back from the Down Syndrome "Symposium" in Hamburg - highly motivated and inspired and feeling very fortunate having met so many wonderful people - with and without the something extra. Believe it or not, but I hardly took pictures ;-) ... there was so much going on ... and I was rushing from one speech to the other. Here are only a few of my highlights :-) ....

My highlights were ....

... my five-hour-train-ride with my dear friend Sophie (aka Sophie from Außergewöhnlich)

.... Sophie writing love letters :-)

.... Sophie's one-way-ticket for Barni

.... meeting my buddy Dennis (aka Dennis from Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück) again (he lives way too far away from Stuttgart!)

.... hanging out with Dennis all the time ....

.... watching Dennis signing autographs :-) (He was so so so proud!!!)

..... watching Martina Zilske and her beautiful and very talented girls in concert

.... the outstanding performance "Die Anderen" of "tanzwerk bremen" (an inclusive dance group of 25 young people between the age of 10 and 20)

..... meeting the uber talented Patricia Netti - a 20-year-old artist (she is painting the most wonderful nude portraits I've ever seen) and the very inspiring and motivating Ines Boban and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hinz

.... celebrating the birthday of my wonderful friend Birgitta (aka known of the wife and Mommy of Markus and Màxima from Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück) ..... This is Birgitta's Mai Tai ... and Dennis in the background who just doesn't like any sort of fire or fireworks ....

.... hanging out with these two beautiful kiddos: Charlotte and Frederik (aka Frederik from Außergewöhnlich:Väterglück)

.... meeting these beautiful ladies (again): Steffi (totally excited when she discovered Alex' sweet girls), Kerstin, and Alex (with her new cool hairdo ... aka wife and Mommy of Michael and Lisa and Laura from Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück). It was so good hanging out with you girls!!!!! But don't you dare making me jealous again with your Starbucks stories!!!!! :-)

..... having fun on the dancefloor with these awesome girls (on the right you see a pretty wild dance of Sophie and Patricia)

.... meeting and listening to Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Castillo Morales ....

..... and attending his amazing workshop, where he gave hands-on-examples and a lot of very precious insights ....

My last but most wonderful highlight was certainly when my hubby and my kids picked me up from the station this evening - cause I missed them A LOT!!!

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