Freitag, Oktober 31, 2008

David and Jamie

Almost exactly a year ago I had the pleasure in photographing these adorable twins: David and Jamie who just turned two this month.

David .... soccer addict

Jamie .... heartbreaker

Our session was so much fun - these boys rocked it!

Well, our session is probably best described as a big hunt - for me! :-)


Mittwoch, Oktober 29, 2008

Ein außergewöhnlicher Knüller

Cora Halder vom Deutschen Down-Syndrom InfoCenter und die begnadete Journalistin Dorothea Wolf-Stiegemayer hatten die geniale Idee, dass Doro Zachmann (Autorin von "Bin Knüller") und ich eine gemeinsame Bücherpräsentation veranstalten. Darauf freue ich mich jetzt schon riesig! Und ich freue mich, dass Sandra und Christian (aus Väterglück) auch kommen und ihre Geschichte lesen werden.

Kleines Trostpflaster für alle, die nicht im Süden wohnen, aber auch gerne kommen würden. Doro und ich werden nächstes Jahr unsere außergewöhnliche Knüller-Buchlesung in Bielefeld geben - weitere Infos dazu gibt's demnächst hier.

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Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008


Today I fell in love with this little girl: Two-year-old Freya ... cute as cute can be! She enjoyed her hot chocolate ....

... and our YUMMY breakfast ....

Well, since my comment-function is still down, it does probably make no sense in starting a little contest guessing with which two awesome Bavarian photographer friends I hang out today in Munich again. A little hint: one girl is from Augsburg and the other one loves to drown her roll in her cappuccino, hehe. Just kidding ... but Freya got a huge kick out of that when it happened to Mommy! :-) Ok - another hint: from whom has Freya inherited all her beauty? :-)

This shot is for me ... yep, life is good! But you can tell that it was all DARK and rainy today ... tomorrow we'll even have snow!!!

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Sonntag, Oktober 26, 2008

Kerstin .... and Georg

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful model ...

Another pleasure was having my old buddy George (Nikonian, South America expert and Latte Macchiato-addict) as a second shooter ;-) .... Poor Kerstin was trapped over one and a half hours in a traffic jam before she came to our shoot .... so George and I were goofying around with Photo Booth (I know, I know ... it's old, but I do still get a kick out of it, haha).

And I very much enjoyed his awesome pics from his latest South America trip ....


Donnerstag, Oktober 23, 2008

Marieke and Marleen

Paulina and Quintin have the most beautiful older sisters/babysitters/entertainers you can wish for .... This is Marleen ... six years old and proud to be a first-grader ... Marieke is already in third-grade and had her first French Assignment today - so proud of her!


Mit den Augen der Liebe

In der Oktoberausgabe des Magazins "Neues Leben" geht es um das Thema Schönheit ...

Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, dort die wunderschönen kleinen und großen Hauptdarsteller meines Buches Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück auch wiedergefunden zu haben ... ***SEITE 30*** und ***SEITE 31*** des Magazins ...

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Houston, we have a problem!

A little bit of old school photography for a change? :-) I took this picture of Nicolas almost six months ago when he put on my glasses ... ok, I added the sleek hairstyle. So this morning (poor little man is home sick with the stomach flu) I showed him this picture to cheer him up a little bit. He didn't recognize himself and insisted that it's definitely not him ... "because I don't look like a pirate."

Some of you (thanks Nina for letting me know early this morning) might have noticed that my comment line has mysterically disappeared. And luckily Ulli is THE Blogger expert by now and told me on the phone that Blogger has changed its comment design last night ... so I guess I have made too many CSS-changes in the past with my really old blog that it didn't accept the new changes or that's simply their revenge for my looooong posts, hehe ... I am screwed!!!! I don't seem to be able to fix the problem (what is CSS anyway? ;-) ... so pleeeease once in a while send me some feedback, drop me an e-mail - I LOVE it - I NEED it :-) I'd be so HAPPY!!!!!! Thank you!!!!


Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2008

Paulina and Quintin

Remember these beautiful twins? I photographed them, when they were three months old ... now they are 20 months old, and I really didn't recognize them again! Ok, how would you possibly recognize them ... because one and a half years ago I took the shot the other way round, haha. This only happens to me! So please enjoy the very high-key reverse shot :-)

What's really funny is that within a week I shot three pairs of twins, such a coincidence!

Paulina ...

She knows exactly what she wants ;-)


They wear the most adorable hats - which made it quite easy for me to differentiate them :-) Twins run in their family ... their Dad has a twin sister ...

Their beautiful Mommy - almost 40 and looking FABULOUS!


Montag, Oktober 20, 2008

♥ Happy 18th Anniversary Sandra and Christian

Remember this cutie? Jan ... ... almost 4 years old and Mister Heartbreaker! Jan and his Dad Christian are in my book Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück. This picture - with his beautiful Mommy Sandra - just breaks my heart ... that's LOVE!

See where the beauty comes from ....

I bet you guys will not recognize this little princess - Jan's 9-month-old sister Johanna. ***THAT'S*** her 8 days old :-)

Happy 18th Anniversary, Sandra and Christian!!!!! When they got together 18 years ago and so young, some people were sure this love would not last long .... Well, they proved them wrong!

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A little Headshot-Session for a change ... Meet Chen, 26 years old and the most beautiful and amazing Au-Pair-Girl ever! Only too bad she's not our Au-pair! :-( I'd hire her in an instant! My kids would LOVE her, that's for sure! Her language skills are amazing. She only had a 4-month-intense course in China ... and now she speaks German fluently ...


Donnerstag, Oktober 16, 2008

Sindy and Phil

With this huge post I will make up for a week long not posting, hehe (good excuse for Mrs. Always-Long-Posts, isn't it! :-)

I had the ultimate pleasure of shooting this awesome couple: Sindy and Phil. They are so much fun to hang out with. I love the story how they met. They were both looking for an apartment in Las Vegas. Phil (from Michigan) wanted to move into the apartment next door to his buddies ... but Sindy was faster ... and took over the apartment. To cut a long great love story short ... only a few months later, Sindy moved again ... and since then they have the same key :-)

Phil gave everything at our shoot :-) I always love long shutter speeds ...

Sindy ... looking GORGEOUS

I am so envious - they took a six-months-sabbatical and just returned from their awesome trip around the world - LIVE LIFE!!!

Almost obligatory for me to take a close-up shot of his Chucks :-)

Such a beautiful couple - inside and out

They love our German Champagne ... and did a little dancing ...

Sindy reminds me of a German actress, but I can't think of her name -anyone help, please! :-)

Sindy had no idea that Phil was goofying around behind her back which made me crack up

Phil's awesome hat is multi-functional ... Frisbee ...

... and Volley-ball

Driver wanted! :-)

I might not post for another week ... still recovering from the flu ...and so very behind with everything ....