Mittwoch, September 03, 2008

The white dress

Since "trashing the dress" gets more and more popular :) ... I thought I could do such a session with Juliana on the beach where I would have the perfect background, light etc. etc. Juliana got this beautiful dress from the Brentwood girls (can you imagine how darling they must have looked in it as flower girls?) and Nicole assured me that it's such a thankful dress and even an easy machine wash .... So I was so much looking forward to this session (Zaven even brought his white shirt and white pants to be photographed with Juliana ...) ...

... but NOPE, my little girl wouldn't do it. Of course not!!! What the heck was I thinking???? I must have totally confused her by saying: "Honey, it's totally ok to get that dress wet and dirty." She gave me this look and I still feel so bad about it. I am such a dork!