Freitag, September 19, 2008


Meet Anouk's adorable little brother ... Tom ... ... only 16 months old and already a rock star!

He's everybody's darling: Daddy's ... Anouk's ... and Mommy's ....

Love his sceptical look in this picture that lasted maybe only 1/60 of a second ;-)

And just in case you're wondering what beautiful necklaces the whole family is wearing ... Mommy Bonnie is such a gifted artist. If you're looking for an awesome gift for somebody you love or care for a lot ... her beautiful "Guardian Angels" are still an insider tip! ***HERE*** you'll find more information ... Go for it!

His cute shirt reads "I believe in me" ... and Mommy's shirt reads "I believe in children" - so neat!

Juliana used to do the same thing when she was Tom's age ... Mommy's beautiful face is the best!

More of this AWESOME family coming pretty soon! What touched me the most was that they recently celebrated Tom's baptism ... and gave every guest my book "Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück" - how neat is that!