Donnerstag, September 11, 2008

Niklas and Leon

Loooooong post for Nadine :-) I LOVE her boys!!! Niklas (almost 10) and Leon (who just turned 8 last Monday). We had such a blast!

We had already a session last October. This time, Niklas was totally into posing ... he came up with all sorts of ideas ....

OMG they swang so high, I almost thought they would fall of the swing :)


They had so much fun teasing each other


Another one of Niklas' ideas :)

Leon showing off the result of the afternoon :)

Leon and Hanni (I bet Nadine and Nora not only had 'loads' of fun, but loads of machine wash :)

Wanna know why Leon just cracked up ....

While his big brother was "posing" all the time, he snuck up from behind with the angel wings and held them behind his back.

This is so them! :) Such a wonderful family! More of the little princess of the family coming sooooon!