Donnerstag, September 11, 2008


Here she is: super princess Lara-Sophie ... ... who just turned 5 on Monday (yep, her brother Leon and she have the same b-day ... Mommy is still recovering from the big party :)

I suppose the Dads are always responsible for the fun part :)

Daddy's girl! Seeing him so proud ... just melts your heart ...

When Sven says "Give Daddy a kiss" ... it doesn't take long ... then she embraces him with her cute little arms (that's the best part) ... and simply enjoys it

You can tell very much that she has two older brothers who love soccer ... she's quite the little soccer queen herself - really good!

Everybody who has a daughter this age is probably very familiar with this expression - at least I am!

Mommy in LOVE! Lara-Sophie just had her second successful heart surgery and stole just everybody's heart in the Heart Clinic of Saint Augustin ...

I wanted a picture of her huge hazelnut-brown eyes .... (when she laughs you can't really tell) ... but oops, on this picture she almost looks in her teens (I will run a comparison on our photo shoot ten years later ;-)

Happy beautiful Mommy ...