Samstag, September 13, 2008

Juliana's first day in school

Today was Juliana's big day - a big day for all of us. A new milestone. And whereas I didn't really sleep well the last two nights, Juliana was full of excitement and joy. She's so ready for school, I can't tell you ... it's good. I don't really have "official" pics ... and I can't wait until I'll get the pics of the official school photographer. So it was kinda nice, leaving the camera in my bag and "enjoying" the day ... Okay, I took a few :-)

Yep, it was raining this morning, which didn't bother Juliana at all, so she can use her favorite umbrella :-)

While all first-graders were taking their first class .... their fan community was invited for Champagne and the speech of the school director. Of course, we were all very excited and wanted to catch a glimpse of what our "babies" are doing :-) Here's my glimpse ...

We were not supposed to disturb them and had to just leave them in their classroom. Of course, we couldn't resist ... and when she saw us getting a glimpse of her behind the curtain, she got all excited. Luckily, we didn't get busted :-)

Meet Janina ... ... Juliana's old kindergarten and new school friend. The two of them will keep the chromosomal average a little bit over 46 in their class :-)

They were so exciting catching a glimpse of their class, too.

I like the symbolic in this picture: Solveig (Janina's mother) and I glimpsing through the keyhole spotting Janina :-)

My HAPPY big school girl!

Juliana and her beloved, beautiful Godmother Doro, who ....

... gave her a neat schoolbag (now she has four - my lucky girl!) with lots of fun stuff in it, including an awesome little girls' cosmetic bag - that will be fun for sure!

Of course a shot with happy Mommy :-)