Freitag, September 26, 2008

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Can you believe these guys have been married for 20 years now? Well, I can't! But I also can't believe that Avalon (their eldest son and my hero) turned 19 this year. I feel so priviledged being their friend, having been part of their big Anniversary ... and doing their awesome anniversary shoot.

Here are a few outtakes of our shoot - a little surprise for Rhonda and Joe who only know the slideshow with their pics on my Wedding Site (absolutely DON'T MISS THEM! :-)

FOURTY AND FABULOUS! It's true what they say: the fourties are the new thirties! So if you're in your fourties - just be HAPPY! If you're 30 something - there's nothing to worry about - enjoy life cause you can look forward to the big 4 - 0 ... and if you're in your twenties the world is at your doorstep - being forty is GREAT! These guys speak for themselves, don't they!

That was them 20 years ago ... young, beautiful, innocent and in love

20 years later ... still young, beautiful and in love ... and wise! Happy 20th Anniversary! You guys mean a lot to me!