Montag, September 01, 2008

Fashionista, part I

Part I, because I am pretty sure there'll be more pics to come of my little fashionista, once I get a chance to look at the rest of my pictures :)

Juliana sunbathing at the pool ... This little girl just makes me crack up!

While nobody was watching her ... she discovered Grandma's curlers and put them in like this all by herself :)

She always enjoys her shadow

Ditto .... and hey, I guess this is probably the only picture of me in Italy :( (a photographer's tragic!)

I like this picture, wanna know why? Juliana has a HUGE tummy due to her hypotonia, but when she laughs (or cries), the tummy is FLAT - like in this picture :)

Such a goofball!

On her catwalk :)

She finally took her boots off .... cooling her legs :)