Sonntag, September 21, 2008

The cutest Starbucks guest

Tomorrow, Jolina will be in the hospital again for her last chemotherapy treatment. AML-patients with Down Syndrome have a high cure rate ... that is really good news ... so please keep your fingers crossed once again. Of course, before her stay we had to have the GOOD coffee :-) ... and I volunteered to be Sandra's personal Starbucks delivery service in case she will be in urgent need in the next three days of their stay :) Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Jolina just celebrated her 3rd birthday this week - here's to you little birthday girl!

Sipping Daddy's Caramel Latte - look at her cute milk beard :)

This little princess is always in a good mood and off to explore new things ...

While Daddy and Jolina shared his coffee :) .... Sandra and I studied this little inspirational story of hope called "A gift called Michelle" (thank you Bonnie!!!). Michelle has been given Glyconutritional dietary supplements and according to her Mom it not only boosted her immune system, but had some other amazing effects. Of course, that sounds very interesting and I am wondering, if anyone knows more about these Glyconutrients or has even tried them. I would love to get an e-mail on this topic to learn more about it.

I love Sandra's cute "shy" look