Dienstag, September 02, 2008

Bello Nicola

One of the million things I love about Italy is their plastic playgrounds for kids. We were so lucky having their favorite playground right in front of our favorite beach café ... Again, life is good!

At the moment, playing puzzle is Nicolas' favorite thing to do

You don't really wanna go to Italy in August. It's super hot and super crowded. In case you can't avoid going there in August, I've got a sure fire tip for you how to get the beach empty: Buy your kids these pistols who make wonderful and huge bubbles. And they make an awful noise - loud, very loud, so make sure to also bring your iPod.

As you can see in this picture, Nicolas successfully emptied the beach :-)

Everything comes in two's :-)

At age 3, running around naked in the hallway is still sort of okay :-)

Every night my two wild ones were jumping up and down their bed (I am pretty sure they had to renew the mattress after we left ;-( .... here they catch their breath ... and yes, love each other!

Nicolas loves to play the tickle monster :-)

"I wonder what is she reading over there?"

Contrary to the gazillion times of Juliana, Nicolas didn't ask a single time "Are we there yet?" He behaved so well in the car - good boy!!!