Dienstag, September 23, 2008


More pics from the pink room :) These two rock! Having so much fun!

Then Annika dressed up ... Now you understand why Yannik snuck away :) She just looks adorable! And she loves her big unicorn (Juliana would be so jealous :)

They had tea time, too!

Look how thrilled she was wearing one of Ulli's amazing creations. She told me all about last Friday and how cool it was hanging out with Marina ...

Little beauty

Then Yannik came back ... :)

Five-year-olds LOVE to dress up!

They are so fortunate to have each other ...


Look at her gorgeous self-portrait - such a little artist!

So cute how she concentrates on her jump - perfection! :)

Meet Paula - her cute rabbit

And just to make you all jealous .... here's Yannik spoiling me with a DELICIOUS pizza :)

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