Montag, September 29, 2008

Elenia und Pascal

This 9-year-old little big guy has the most contagious smile - ever, ever, ever! This photo session was a wedding gift (such a neat idea!!! :) from his Uncle Christian. When Christian called me he said: "You will recognize my nephew Pascal immediately - he looks like "Michel aus Lönneberga (Original: Emil i Lönneberga/Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish cult series)" and he's also as much fun as Michel" :) ... so when I first saw him, I had such a big smile on my face and it felt like I'd known him forever ...

Since five months Pascal is the proud big brother of this beautiful baby girl

He LOVES snuggling with Elenia

.... and as you can tell she enjoys it, too!

This awesome blanket is multifunctional - we did it the other way round :)

Proud Daddy

Proud Mommy

Such a beautiful family

Kerstin and Alexander just got married two weeks ago: Congratulations again!!!

Surprise shot for Alex who queued quite a while to get us good coffee :)

Pascal is FUN PURE! I so hope to meet him again! He immediately conquered my heart!

Ok, I get a good laugh out of this shot. He just gave everything at the shoot :)


Sonntag, September 28, 2008

"The smallest moments ...

... can have the biggest impact on a child" - Love this commercial ... Hope this starts your week with a giggle :)

Thank you, Rainer! You did great today on TV! Here's to all the cool Dads in this world!!!


Freitag, September 26, 2008

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Can you believe these guys have been married for 20 years now? Well, I can't! But I also can't believe that Avalon (their eldest son and my hero) turned 19 this year. I feel so priviledged being their friend, having been part of their big Anniversary ... and doing their awesome anniversary shoot.

Here are a few outtakes of our shoot - a little surprise for Rhonda and Joe who only know the slideshow with their pics on my Wedding Site (absolutely DON'T MISS THEM! :-)

FOURTY AND FABULOUS! It's true what they say: the fourties are the new thirties! So if you're in your fourties - just be HAPPY! If you're 30 something - there's nothing to worry about - enjoy life cause you can look forward to the big 4 - 0 ... and if you're in your twenties the world is at your doorstep - being forty is GREAT! These guys speak for themselves, don't they!

That was them 20 years ago ... young, beautiful, innocent and in love

20 years later ... still young, beautiful and in love ... and wise! Happy 20th Anniversary! You guys mean a lot to me!


Mittwoch, September 24, 2008

Rainer Kollberg bei Bettina Böttinger

Ungefähr so begeistert und voller Stolz wird der kleine Timmi am Sonntagmorgen um 11:00 Uhr vor dem Fernseher sitzen, wenn er seinen Papa Rainer in der WDR-Talkshow WestART am Sonntag sieht :-) Thema der Sendung: Nobody's perfect - Denn was ist schon normal? Nähere Infos zur Sendung und den Talk-Gästen findet Ihr ***HIER***


Väterglück in der Presse

Wenn Ihr Euch diese Woche - wie gewohnt - die Zeitschrift "Echo der Frau" anschaut ;-), dann findet Ihr auf Seite 20 diesen Artikel über Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück ... Spaß beiseite .... ich freue mich natürlich, dass mal eine ganz andere Zielgruppe mit unserem Thema angesprochen wird ...

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Dienstag, September 23, 2008


More pics from the pink room :) These two rock! Having so much fun!

Then Annika dressed up ... Now you understand why Yannik snuck away :) She just looks adorable! And she loves her big unicorn (Juliana would be so jealous :)

They had tea time, too!

Look how thrilled she was wearing one of Ulli's amazing creations. She told me all about last Friday and how cool it was hanging out with Marina ...

Little beauty

Then Yannik came back ... :)

Five-year-olds LOVE to dress up!

They are so fortunate to have each other ...


Look at her gorgeous self-portrait - such a little artist!

So cute how she concentrates on her jump - perfection! :)

Meet Paula - her cute rabbit

And just to make you all jealous .... here's Yannik spoiling me with a DELICIOUS pizza :)

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Recognize these two? We tried the classic "as time goes by with Petra and Yannik" pictures :-) Five and a half years ago I took the pictures for Außergewöhnlich ... Yannik was cute as cute can be ... ... Now he'll be 10 in January, will be gone for a week next week on a school trip (he's so excited!) ... such a big boy ... and "handsome" and "cool" replaced "cute" (Yes, dare to call an almost 10-year-old cute, haha)

The fun-and-action-part in the family still falls in his department :)

He loves playing soccer and is so darn good at it!

Mister Handsome!

"Does my hair still look cool?" YEP, it does!! :)

No more paparazza pics, hehe!

While I was shooting his adorable little sister Annika in her awesome PINK room (love it!!!), he snuck away ... booted his computer ...

... and played "Die Wilden Kerle" - his favorite game ...

L ♥ O ♥ V ♥ E .... more of Annika coming soon :)

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