Donnerstag, August 21, 2008

On a break

This blog will be on a little break ... :)


Mittwoch, August 20, 2008

Dream big

I've been tagged by my wonderful photog friend Alexandra Frankel to do this fun thing: And indeed: SO MUCH FUN! Have fun watching ... and let us DREAM BIG!!!

My little Broadway Girl Juliana ...

GAP-Model Jan ...

Rock Star Tim ...

Top Model Felix ...

Exhibition Magnet Jolina ...

VOGUE cover girl Samira ...

Rock Star Dennis ...

City Lights Girl Leonie ...

Glamorous Prince Vince ... or Paris Hilton - dreaming of a perfect family life ...

H&M Model Marina ...



So funny, my little Skype-Queen Juliana did these awesome video snapshots last night while skyping with her Uncle Markus and Auntie Suzie ... I would just love to see video snapshots taken of her from the other side of the pond while she's singing all her fun songs into the monitor, haha. (That's why they give her a big clap on the last picture)

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Dienstag, August 19, 2008


More of Sophie and Lilly and some magic ice cream :)

Ready - steady - eat!

Wanna know what's in their ice cream? That remains our SECRET, hehe.

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Summer can be so much fun!

Such a top model!

More rabbitmania :)


Montag, August 18, 2008


Attention please ... cuteness overload



Juliana's super cute girlfriend Hannah ... enjoying her croissant ... hmmmmm so delicious!

Poor Hannah wasn't very lucky that afternoon. First she was stung by a wasp ... later she fell of a chair while climbing down the trampolin. But what a brave little girl ... luckily she recovered quite fast

Hannah's big love "Ronja" - her rabbit

More of Lilly coming soon ... here she's snuggling with her rabbit Lucy ...

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Sonntag, August 17, 2008

Christine and Felix

Recognize this handsome little big "Tiger"? I like the following two shots of Felix ...

Dreaming of Juliana? I hope so! :-)

So much fun! So full of joy! Definitely contagious!

Felix' beautiful Mommy Christine

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Freitag, August 15, 2008

Sarah and Melissa

Here are the "few" shots, I took of the girls. Now guess, which one is the mother on this picture, hehe.

Melissa and Stormy



Sarah and Stormy

A candid shot

Such a beautiful and fun family - I had a great time!!!!


Donnerstag, August 14, 2008


Remember the beautiful Brentwood girls? I had the pleasure to shoot them in May. Now I had the pleasure shooting their gorgeous mother Nicole who looks like a million dollars ....

On these pics with Stormy

She absolutely does NOT grow older! I couldn't find any wrinkles :-) In fact, she told me that when she shows up in the school of her daughters, people most of the time address her as their sister - I believe it!!

Meet Phillip, Nicole's childhood dream. He's 8 years old and an Oldenburg Stallion. His real name is Dornenprince, his sire is Dornenkoenig and his dame is One fine Princess xx (xx stands for Thoroughbred). He's Stormy's best buddy

TWO Black Beautys :)

Nicole and her hubby Stefan - what a lucky guy with these three beautiful and fun girls in the house

Of course, I snapped a few shots of her girls, too. More in my next post, so please stay tuned!