Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2008

Jonas & Family

Sorry girls! He's already taken! Jonas, 2,5 years old .... ..., so darn cute ... and the long-distance boyfriend of beautiful Jolina :-)

Just look at his self-esteem: "Hey, let's go over there!" :-)

In his family he's known for his stealing-shoes-habit. Here, he's taking off with Daddy's shoes, while Daddy is taking a bath with his older boys :-)

What a little goofball - I like that!

Meet Sarah, almost 1, his cute little sister who enjoys being the center of attention by her three older brothers.

One of her big fans: Nico, her 10 year-old brother

Jonas goofying around with Tim, his 12-year-old brother ...

So in love with Jonas ...

Beautiful Mommy Nicole ...

So much fun!

Can't remember what kind of praying that was, hehe.

Fantastic family!

Nicole and Swen - so much fun to hang out with ...

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