Donnerstag, Juli 31, 2008


Introducing the most wonderful two-year-old girl of Aachen: Anna ... ... who could steal just anyone's heart. And although Anna was giggling and laughing the whole time, I love this shot a lot.

I love the symbolic in this picture: she's as bright as the sun!

What a beauty - and so self-confident! :)

I was very fortunate to meet this amazing family: very beautiful inside and out - and so much fun! And yep, their attitudes are definitely worth catching!!!

Mommy is so proud of her little girl

And Daddy ...... He's the proudest!!!!!!

We really had a blast - they were just up for everything fun! Too bad they live so far away!

Look at her!

Für alle Interessierten: Annas Mutter Elisabeth und sieben weitere engagierte, großartige Mütter aus dem Großraum Aachen haben ein "kleines" DIN-A 4-Büchlein mit ihren persönlichen Erfahrungsberichten zusammengestellt, das kostenlos bei der Lebenshilfe Aachen bestellt werden kann.

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