Samstag, Juni 28, 2008


Meet Lina ... ... a 19-months-old sweetheart. I fell in love with her the minute she got off the train ... and she gave me a HUGE hug. Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people" ... she lives it! :-)

Although she doesn't qualify any longer to be called "Baby" agewise .... this picture does! And yes, I LOVE little feet!

Her happiness is absolutely contagious - beware!

What a smile!

Ok, the Tutu-pics were my idea, but I wasn't that successful since she loved the tulle material a lot - a good place to hide either!

I feel somehow very attached to this shot, since I believe I looked exactly like her in this pic when I was her age .. besides I was 20 lbs. chubbier ;-)

No, she didn't fall!!!!! :-)

But she was very very tired after her two-hour-train-ride ....