Freitag, Juni 13, 2008


I love Maternity Sessions, because I think there's nothing more miraculous and magical than the beginning of a new life ... And pregnant women are just beautiful ...

And because I am so behind with everything, the Baby was faster than my proofing ... I can already spread the news, Baby Girl Anna was born this week - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

Two-year-old cutie pie Lorenz is all excited about his sister to be born soon

Could he possibly more in love with Mommy? Love this one!

Boy, was he fast on his bike!!

We tried to get some "alone"-shots of Mommy ... tough one! :-)

Beautiful and happy!

Mister Handsome!

Then Daddy showed up ... and they were goofying around like crazy ...

These pics would have been perfect for my "Fathers' book" ... too bad they didn't qualify chromosomewise, hehe.