Samstag, Juni 28, 2008

It's movie time

Today I was quite the lucky girl hanging out all afternoon with the one and only Miss Jolina ... ... and her great parents who are so much fun to be with ...

What a little beauty!!!! And such a happy girl!

Of course, Sandra was way faster with her pics :-) so mine will follow some time later this year, haha.

I hope I am a better photographer than I am a "videographer". The funny thing was, Sandra thought, I am taking pictures and not movies ... so here are the two happy and funny posers :-)

I LOVE giggles!!! And she has the cutest!

What a great family! So much fun!!!

Sunday afternoon .... Just look into whom we bumped today ... three other Starbucks Addicts, hehe. And, once again, I fooled Sandra since she thought I'd take a picture and not a movie :-)