Sonntag, Juni 08, 2008

Eddy, Eddy, Eddy

Everybody LOVES Eddy ... ... and especially I do! Almost two years ago, when Julia dropped me an e-mail saying she's pregnant with a boy with the something extra ... I immediately jumped on the train heading five hours up north to take pictures of her belly and Peter, Eddy's Dad for my book Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück. I was so impressed by their courage and it also felt kinda magical knowing a very special baby is soon to be born that I just had to do it. Since then Eddy became very special to me ... he's a gift!

Another magical moment for me: Dennis (the oldest guy in my book ... and Eddy, the youngest of the main characters)

Eddy and his beautiful Mommy Julia

Cool Mommy :)

Happy Mommy :)

Happy Eddy :)

Cuteness galore: Eddy and Prince Vince - looks like a typical playgroup morning :-)

Prince Vince stealing Julia's neat glasses ....

Christina and Eddy, who has been just recently the lucky winner of a cool pair of Christina's Vincent Shoes

And when Julia was gone for a moment and Eddy started crying .... it was finally my chance to snuggle up to him :-)

And as you can tell, I was pretty successful. He forgot all about Mommy when I was showing him all the cute girls (Leonie, Alma, Alexandra etc. - more of them in my next post!) running around at the playground ....

"Hmmm, which one of the girls over there is the cutest - tough one!!!"