Montag, Juni 30, 2008

Afternoon with Jolina

Before you read and browse any further .... get yourself a HUGE pot of coffee, because this is going to be a looooong post - sorry! :-)

Here are the pics from my afternoon with darling Jolina ... ... That's her favorite position to be carried around. Well, I can't blame her, it's the best view to spot any cute guys who might be around :-)

Enjoying her yogurt ...

Now you can tell from whom in the family she got all her beauty ..... although Daddy claims she's got all his beauty genes, haha.

That was Sandra's somersault backwards ....

Pure happiness!

Pure goofiness :-)

Let's call someone somewhere overseas :-)

I LOVE her expression in this pic. That was her look yesterday when she checked the soccer news ticker in her Blackberry that said Fernando Torres just ended Spain's 44-year wait for silverware ;-)

Could he be any more happy and proud of his two girls?

He's a big goofball though! :-)

But Jolina is a bigger one! :-)

Some chillin on our way back to the car ...


Samstag, Juni 28, 2008

It's movie time

Today I was quite the lucky girl hanging out all afternoon with the one and only Miss Jolina ... ... and her great parents who are so much fun to be with ...

What a little beauty!!!! And such a happy girl!

Of course, Sandra was way faster with her pics :-) so mine will follow some time later this year, haha.

I hope I am a better photographer than I am a "videographer". The funny thing was, Sandra thought, I am taking pictures and not movies ... so here are the two happy and funny posers :-)

I LOVE giggles!!! And she has the cutest!

What a great family! So much fun!!!

Sunday afternoon .... Just look into whom we bumped today ... three other Starbucks Addicts, hehe. And, once again, I fooled Sandra since she thought I'd take a picture and not a movie :-)



Meet Lina ... ... a 19-months-old sweetheart. I fell in love with her the minute she got off the train ... and she gave me a HUGE hug. Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people" ... she lives it! :-)

Although she doesn't qualify any longer to be called "Baby" agewise .... this picture does! And yes, I LOVE little feet!

Her happiness is absolutely contagious - beware!

What a smile!

Ok, the Tutu-pics were my idea, but I wasn't that successful since she loved the tulle material a lot - a good place to hide either!

I feel somehow very attached to this shot, since I believe I looked exactly like her in this pic when I was her age .. besides I was 20 lbs. chubbier ;-)

No, she didn't fall!!!!! :-)

But she was very very tired after her two-hour-train-ride ....


Donnerstag, Juni 26, 2008

Milena, Nikolai und Vincent

Meet Lukas' adorable sister Milena who's going to be four in two months. She loves taking pictures ...

... and got all set for the session - just look at her cute toe nails! :)

She's quite the poser :)

Lots of fun with her beautiful Aunt Laura - who looks A LOT like Ana!

And here they are: the beautiful sisters Ana and Laura

Meet 14-months-old Vincent - just cute as cute can be!

Nikolai and Milena

Such a little trooper!

And always in a good mood!

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"Perfect" is my nickname

I LOVE his t-shirt that reads "Perfect is my nickname" - so true!!! Remember heartbreaker Lukas ... ... from my first book Außergewöhnlich? He's already six years old and all set to go to school this summer ... Well, at our shooting he was actually more all set to go to beautiful Southern France on vacation. I am so jealous!!!

He's all into racing - like his Dad

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