Sonntag, Mai 04, 2008

The wild bunch

What a fun session! Our last session was in December - INSIDE - so we really enjoyed it outside, where there are no limits at all ... And spring is finally here!

Such a cute picture of David ... who adores his big brother a lot

Lucas is so much fun (and I am just glad I don't take life too serious either, because ...) ... When he saw me, first thing he said: "Hi Conny, did you shrink?" (it still makes me laugh really hard, and actually, I can't blame him for this question, if you'd know his mother - a 6'-feet-plus-tall hot babe ... and then see me - a tiny 5'3" - his question is more than justified ..... Then, his second question was, while Mommy and I had our cappuccini .... "May I estimate how old you are?" Please NO ... I knew this wouldn't end up good either, so I quickly said: "I am 22!" His reply: "You look way older than my Mommy!" (I bet she thanked him with icecream all weekend, haha .... and I thought to myself: ok, it's about time to severely cut back on my nightshifts, hehe)

I love this one .... they pretend to be sleeping ... I love kids pretending things ...

Their cool Mommy

And that's the result of the session :-) We had so much fun .... and when I left and thought my day couldn't possibly get any better ..... Lucas came up to me and said: "Conny, I think you're 22!" Yes, that's exactly how I feel! :-)