Samstag, Mai 31, 2008

A Prince Vince Family Portrait

Almost exactly a year ago I did the shoot for my book "Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück" with famous Prince Vince .. .. and Bookie ... the two cover boys on this book. Yesterday we had fun at the almost exact same place :-)

Such a beautiful beautiful family - inside and out!

Luck at that happy gal!

"Boing! Now let me do the talking!" :-)

Hopefully they didn't discover a tick on his back, cause Dennis had one yesterday under the exact same tree ;-)

Then he ran off .....

I am so proud: my two beautiful cover boys!!!! Again, thank you so so much!!!!!

What a beautiful Mommy! Christina - you ROCK!!!!!!!!

She's so much fun and I LOVE her attitude and everything she does (which is A LOT!) in raising down syndrome awareness!!!

No wonder she laughs so much! Look at her silly boys!

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