Samstag, Mai 31, 2008

More pics of the presentation

What a wonderful surprise when I got home from the presentation and found these beautiful pictures and collages of Alex of Lumia Photographs in my inbox ... Alex, thank you so very much!!!! They deserve an extra post!

This one is definitely one of my faves: beautiful Tamara hugging my publisher Rita. Isn't that what we love most about our kids: their enthusiasm and total honesty?

Here are my loved-ones: my wonderful husband and the most gorgeous daughter you can wish for: Juliana ... so proud of them!!!

Kurt and his 23-year-old son Dennis on stage ... reading his essay ....

Michael on stage who told us that they no longer wait for a jackpot - they have it already: Theresa, their 6-year-old daughter (who is adopted BTW).

Klaus (Tamara's Dad) tells us about our fun photo shoot

Can you hear them? Tamara's fans calling and greeting her :-)

Rainer and I were worrying that she might not wanna leave the stage for the rest of the evening, haha. Can you tell she loved it up there?

Here it is!

My hilarious co-presenter Rainer - Daddy of Tim

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