Freitag, Mai 16, 2008


She just turned 3 last month: Leonie ... - such a little trooper!

Such a beautiful girl and a flirt genious!

A girlie girl! Showing off full of excitement her cute little PINK bracelet ... which you can't really see on this one ...

... but on this one .... And I love it, too: it's a butterfly! :-)

There's nothing cuter than kids' little feet - especially in a size 23. I am so jealous: Leonie and her family are almost off to the beautiful Ligurian Coast in Italy ..... Mommy and Leonie going shoe-shopping in San Remo :-)

Leonie's beautiful Mommy

And of course DADDY. BTW, Alex and Leonie are starring in my upcoming book on fathers and kids :-)

Just a second before the big daddy-hug

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