Donnerstag, Mai 22, 2008


Meet Sarah, a gorgeous 12-year-old and horse-lover. She and her family used to live in beautiful Brentwood, California on a huge farm. Now they moved back to Germany and live in a dream house with their two horses and dog.

Also meet Stormy (he was born during a thunderstorm), a beautiful 146-cm-tall Pony (to me, he more seemed like a giant horse, hehe) and a little more detailed for all you horse-lovers out there: his sire is Sir Andrew (Welsh B) and his dame is Ima trouble Chick (aka Happy), he's an AQHA (American Quarterhorse) ... Stormy is their pride and joy - no doubt about that! BTW, they trade horses, in case anybody is interested, let me know ...

Sarah is so much fun!

She is so very beautiful - inside and out!