Freitag, April 11, 2008

Melissa Riggio

I just got an e-mail with the very sad news that 20-year-old Melissa Riggio died on Monday after a courageous battle of leukemia (you'll find more information here).

Photograph by Annie Griffiths Belt

"Even though I have Down Syndrome, I am a lot like you ..." (Melissa Riggio)

What a great loss for her family, but also what a great loss for us! She was such an inspiring, young, strong and beautiful lady! Just a few weeks ago I had written her a letter telling her how much I adore her and her work and that she gives me so much hope. And I think I especially like her, because she so much reminds me of Juliana ... the long hair, the big beautiful brown eyes ...

My deepest sympathies for the Riggio family ... Your daughter truly made a difference!