Donnerstag, März 20, 2008

World Down Syndrome Day 2008

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day 2008. March 21 has officially earmarked as World Down Syndrome Day to signify the uniqueness of Down Syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome.

This year's theme for WDSD is AIM HIGH ENOUGH to continue creating awareness about Down Syndrome and promote acceptance of diversity.

Juliana always aims high enough. But unlike her two beautiful girlfriends Karla and Stella, her aiming is sometimes not so mainstream, but kinda more to the side (like on this goofy picture). Yeap, she just takes her time with things - which is not really a bad thing at all, isn't it? Ok, when it comes to eating ice cream - she's always the "winner", the first one in the ice cream finish line. :) I guess we all have our priorities with things. But whatever she does, she does it with LOVE ... and that's the secret about everything! Love what you do - and do what you love .... ok, I drastically switched over to another important theme, haha.

BTW, the German Down Syndrome InfoCenter is running a great campaign this year for WDSD. One of my favorite models - Marina - is printed on a million bakery bags this week. So, keep your eyes open when you buy your croissants tomorrow morning, hehe.

Last but not least I wanna quote Kim McMillan - an amazing photographer and very beautiful person I met in San Francisco .... On our drive back to downtown Kim was sitting/laying in the back of the car totally feeling sick (when you know the streets of SF, you know why, haha), not saying a word. When I told the girls that Juliana has an extra chromosome she chimed in for a second with just once sentence that says it all: "If we would have more of these people, our world would be a better place." So true!

Have a great World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow, everybody!

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