Donnerstag, März 06, 2008

A little sightseeing

Everybody remembers the six beautiful Victorian Houses - also called "Painted Ladies" - from the series "Full House" with the Olsen Twins? Yeap, we did a little sightseeing, and these were on our schedule ...

Ooops, that's really a poor shot, totally blown out, but remember: it's always the emotion ... and I had such a great time hanging out with the fabulous Alexandra Frankel (sounds so German :-) - more of her to come in my next post!) and the amazing Dana Pugh ...

Dana capturing our silly we're-so-happy-we're-in-San-Francisco-jumps :-)

I am not really good in shooting from the car .... but the "golden" light was awesome

On our way back downtown we passed Eddy Street .... made me thinking of Eddy ... this one's for you, little sweetheart!

BTW speaking of Eddy .... On our drive back downtown I happened to mention that my daughter has an extra chromosome (it always cracks me up when I hand out my business cards that show a picture of Juliana in the front and on the back .... and people - who don't know me - ask me "Is she Japanese?"). The first thing Dana said was: "These kids are kissed by God!" Can you imagine that I got goosebumps? And yes, I totally agree!