Mittwoch, März 05, 2008

Girls' day out

I am back in good ol' Germany! I had such a great time over there in one of the most beautiful cities of the United States, met some amazing and very talented people ... but the highlight of my trip was certainly meeting my wonderful friend Chi again.

So very very beautiful - inside and out!!! I am so privileged to have her as my friend!!!

Yeap, we did some major shopping ... emmm, I mean some major walking, hehe.

After three miles of walking (that translates into: after walking into three stores, haha) Chi realized she definitely had come in the wrong shoes ....

.... so we HAD TO!!! buy a more comfortable pair of shoes and found this very cool shoe store (you gotta check it out at Fisherman's Wharf: "Shoe Envy"). Attention UGG-Fans: the UGGs' celebrate their huge comeback in the States (which is good news for me, cause I could wear them 365 days a year!!!). They were totally sold out in downtown SF, so we were just lucky to find them here ...

Poor Chi had to pose just about everywhere for me. This is in front of a pet photographer's studio

This store is scrapbooker's paradise .... Chi didn't know I am shooting (from the hip) :-)

More posts to come soon! :-)

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