Mittwoch, März 12, 2008

FDKF meeting & workshop

I just got back from our FDKF-workshop (FDKF is a clique of German Kids' Photographers), and it was just great and so much fun to see my girls again. This time we met in Frankfurt .... I already miss them!

In our awesome hotel ... Sweetheart Jesse checking her happy mails :-)

My awesome roomie: the uber talented and highly sought-after Marlén! Ok, she's probably killing me for this shot, haha (although there's nothing to be killed about!!! ;-)

A good day has to start with a good Starbucks treat (BTW, they don't pay me for saying that!). Here's beautiful Barbara enjoying her delicious bagel (in case you live in Augsburg, near Augsburg or elsewhere in Germany ;-) ... you wanna have your baby photographed by her!!!!)

Marlén outside the Starbucks - enjoying the good news from her agent ...

Isn't she just the cutest!!! Darling Jesse ....

She's ALWAYS in a good mood: our très jolie Birgit ....

.... very OFTEN misused by us as a super-model. She IS!

Haha, Jesse playing around with my 24-70 @24mm and this close. Yeap, you don't wanna do that taking portraits. I somehow LOVE this goofy shot of myself, I guess it so much reflects my goofy personality :-) Check out Kerstin in the back, I wonder what she's thinking, hehe.

Gorgeous Kerstin - not at all goofy-looking. Her blog just got launched - don't miss it:

What the heck was I looking at in this picture ;-) Photo credit goes to Kerstin!

Kerstin (also playing around with my 24-70, here @70mm) deserves all the wonderful photo credit for this beautiful shot of Barbara.

We all fell immediately in love with Kika, our 5-month-old workshop-model :-)

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