Mittwoch, Januar 30, 2008

My little butterflies

Just in case you were wondering what the three little butterflies have been up to lately ... they are doing fine or should I say lovely :) ... and certainly never running short of shooting ideas - lov'em!!

Hannah ...

Juliana (the only shot I got with her not goofying around!)

And Lilly

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Dienstag, Januar 29, 2008

Snow White

Juliana was picked being Snow White - and she did really good. Of course she started goofying around pretty quick ...

That's so her! Full of life. Full of joy. Too bad this one is an outtake, since I can't imagine Snow White had this much fun with her poisened apple. But maybe the apple wasn't poisened at all, and the jealous queen was all misunderstood and the apple contained some happy mood busters, because she wanted her to be happy .... Ok, I stop now, promised!

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Montag, Januar 28, 2008


I thought I'd share some funny outtakes of our shooting last Saturday. Milena is just darling ...

... and has the cutest dimples - lov'em!

That was the first pic - still a little bit shy, but she always warms up pretty quick!

Of course, I have to post a pic of gorgeous Ana. I always tease her that she looks a lot like Catherine Zeta-Jones, hehe.

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Samstag, Januar 26, 2008


Kennt Ihr ihn noch: den süßen Nikolai - inzwischen acht Monate alt. Für ein Commercial Shooting standen heute seine beiden großen Geschwister Lukas und Milena vor der Kamera - und sogar seine super-fotogene Mami ... Hier isst er ganz unschuldig die Requisiten fürs Shooting auf :-)

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Freitag, Januar 25, 2008


SAPs hübschester Nachwuchs ist gerade mal eine Woche alt und heißt Johanna. Jan ist natürlich mächtig stolz auf sein kleines Schwesterlein ...


Donnerstag, Januar 24, 2008


Gestatten: Jan ... , einfach zum Verlieben süß und ein kleiner Herzensbrecher. Obwohl er vor kurzem erst 3 Jahre alt geworden ist, weiß er schon jetzt, dass er einmal Model werden möchte .... Gestern Vormittag gab er uns ein paar wunderschöne Posing-Kostproben:

Seine Schokoladenseite - mit diesem Blick wird ihm jeder Wunsch erfüllt!

Ganz verspielt mit seinem Hasen

Faustdick hinter den Ohren!!

Sein coolster Blick

Übrigens: Jan ist seit einer Woche stolzer Bruder - seid gespannt auf die Bilder seiner bildhübschen kleinen Schwester!


Montag, Januar 21, 2008

100 things about me

I am so excited that the amazing, beautiful and very talented Amanda of Photography by Amanda and I paired up in a "photographer mentoring program". Although the program is all about photography, I guess I will be very eager to find out "how she does it all": having four little kids (she just had her baby), having a photography business, being the owner of a jewelry business and a part-time manager for her husband's clinic. She's Wonder Woman! I am in total awe!

In order to get to know each other better, I picked up on her idea and wrote down 100 things about me. Wow, I had no idea I have that many quirks, hehe. This is going to be a looong post ...

1. I love peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
2. I need at least three cappuccini to survive the day.
3. I can’t pass a Starbucks store without having a New York cheesecake treat.
4. I enjoy living in the city, because I need the diversity.
5. I love fast lenses.
6. I thank God every night that he has blessed me with the two most wonderful kids
7. I also thank him for the best husband – my best friend.
8. I studied Business Administration and majored in Marketing.
9. Portland/Oregon is my most favorite place to live.
10. I love getting up early on a Saturday morning and enjoy my walk to the coffee shop when the city is still asleep and everything is peaceful and quiet and the air is still fresh and clean.
11. I stop and smell the roses.
12. I love spring when everything is “new”.
13. I loved watching SATC – since they are my generation.
14. And I love hanging out with my girlfriends and have Cosmopolitan.
15. I loved 24 – but I am glad it’s over, since I was glued in front of the TV.
16. I love the rich fruit & vegetable section in a Fred Meyer store.
17. I always believe in the good of people.
18. I could eat Penne All’Arrabiata every day.
19. I would give everything to gain 10 pounds.
20. I am not a shoe addict at all – but my little princess is.
21. I do collect Chucks though – lov’em!
22. My advice for photographers: Love what you shoot and shoot what you love!
23. My favourite country is Italy – I love its food and its people.
24. I have the coolest and talented brother in the world!
25. I love Thai Food.
26. If I wouldn’t have studied BA, I would have become a psychologist.
27. I love foot massages (my hubby gives the best!)
28. I am a huge procrastinator
29. I laugh a lot.
30. I am a prime lens junkie.
31. I did bungee-jumping once.
32. I spent one day in China and had a German Black Forest Tart.
33. I hardly ever go to sleep before midnight – that’s why I look like 60, hehe.
34. I love books and buy a lot, but don’t find the time to read them all.
35. I have natural curls, but I straighten them out every day.

(Am I totally insane to post this ol' pic? Please don't hold it against me! :-)
36. When I got promoted to Human Resources Manager, I was so excited that I spent two weeks laying on the beach in Italy studying tax and law – my husband thought I’m nuts.
37. I love children – because they can still see with their hearts.
38. I am a very enthusiastic person.
39. I always tell people when kind words were spoken about them.
40. I believe in miracles.
41. I don’t like ironing.
42. I do love vacuum-cleaning though.
43. I highlight important parts of a book in different colors – drives some people nuts.
44. I fight against prejudice and discrimination wherever I can.
45. I suck in remembering people’s names.
46. I am pretty good in numbers though.
47. When I lived in Japan, I ate Sushi every single day.
48. When I worked in Japan, I wore the same gray uniform as my coworkers did (I should post a picture of that – quite hilarious!)
49. I am not an expert in time management.
50. I hate call-waiting
51. I have my maple-syrup with pancakes, not my pancakes with maple-syrup.
52. Every now and then I need to do something crazy
53. I sing worse than Cameron Diaz, but I sing a lot and enjoy it.
54. Dale Carnegie changed my life.
55. Once in a while I crave for a good steak.
56. I am très petite - 5’3, but still taller than Madonna and Kylie Minogue!
57. I miss the old days when my girlfriends and I every year took the night train to Paris, had French breakfast (the best in the world!) and then did some insane shopping, and headed back home the same day.
58. I miss my carefreeness when I was younger and without kids
59. I believe in the little moments that make life big.
60. I used to play the piano.
61. I love Limoncello
62. I am a dog person.
63. I suck in making decisions.
64. As a baby I was very chubby.

(Doesn't Juliana look a lot like me??)
65. I listen more to my gut than my head.
66. I love trying out new recipes.
67. I used to drive a Suzuki Samurai Convertible and had a blast.
68. I love hanging out in coffee shops and have endless conversations with my girlfriends.
69. I am allergic to walnuts, cats and soy milk
70. I love Caesar Salad.
71. I can’t have enough frames and canvas.
72. I could spend hours in bookstores (Powell’s my favourite!)
73. I have been maid of honor four times.
74. I totally suck in multi-tasking although I’m a Mom.
75. Putting on some perfume helps me uplifting my mood.
76. I did Judo but stopped after the yellow belt.
77. I used to be an Au-Pair in London and loved it.
78. I am a stationary junkie
79. I love my Pizza with lots of anchovies (luckily, so does my hubby)
80. I always have the feeling that everybody else’s day has 48 hours
81. I love Pottery Barn
82. I enjoy my Prosecco with Apérol
83. I am really bad in saying no
84. I love sunflowers
85. I hate the 80’s – was a fashion victim at that time.
86. I love the 70’s
87. I try to live up to my credo “You gotta give what you wanna receive”
88. I am the worst co-pilot
89. I love Ginger from Origins
90. I love lots of ginger grated into a freshly squeezed orange juice
91. I haven’t been to the movies in years
92. I started ballet with five and still regret that I stopped it in my teens.
93. There’s so much magic with sleeping kids
94. I enjoy Robbie Williams in concert
95. Too much garlic makes me really really sick
96. I watched Flashdance at least 20 times.
97. I am a couch potato – with a good movie and crisps.
98. When I need a little pick-me-up, I read my “feedback-folder” and am grateful.
99. Once in a while I need a day without my laptop and phone.
100. I love the sound of wind chimes a lot.

But the best of all: I'll meet Amanda soon in San Francisco - soooo excited!


Sonntag, Januar 20, 2008


Niklas - 5 Monate alt und sooo süß!

Freitag, Januar 18, 2008

OK go!

Since I posted my all-favorite picture of Juliana & the dancing Italians - which always brings me in a good mood just by looking at it .... I thought I should post my favorite video which does the same thing. It's already a year old, but I could watch it over and over again. These cool gents rock - the video is amazing! I just can't help but wonder, how many times these guys filmed it to get it right. The outtakes must be hilarious!

And now onto your treadmill, haha! Ok, I promise my next post will be pics!


Montag, Januar 14, 2008


I hope I don't drive you guys crazy with my recent header changes, hehe. Wanted to switch to another provider, prepared everything for that change, now I think I'll stick to this one, has been pretty reliable in almost two years now. Thank you Blogger!

This picture showing Julina dancing on the beach in Southern Italy really makes me smile, every time I look at it. And the new Header is the all-time-favorite pic of Juliana's adorable Godmother and me. It puts us immediately in a good mood, hopefully you too! :-)

I am not sure whether I'll post a lot in the next couple of months, since I am working on my third book that is coming out soon - so please stay tuned for updates on that!


Samstag, Januar 12, 2008


My good friend Nancy from Portland just sent me this ... her two boys love it - mine do to, haha! And keeps me away from work - again! This is my best result:

Wanna go on a Spiderman photohunt yourself? Just ***CLICK HERE*** and have fun!


Freitag, Januar 11, 2008

Little goofball

Bei mir steht immer noch alles ein bisschen Kopf - wie im Header unschwer zu erkennen, hehe - und sich in alten Bildern zu verlieren, hilft da auch nicht unbedingt! :-)

Juliana, my little goofball and bathing queen!

Manchmal trauere ich der analogen Zeit schon ein wenig nach. Damals hat man seinen Film abgegeben und eine Nacht voller Spannung auf die Ergebnisse gewartet. 36 Aufnahmen erschienen fast schon viel. Die meisten Bilder waren ein Treffer. Heute weiß man gar nicht wohin mit seinen CDs/Festplatten. Manche Fotos werden bei der Masse an Bildern gar nicht erst gesichtet - so wie dieses hier, dass in der Flut einfach untergegangen ist, doch für mich als stolze Mama natürlich von unheimlichen Wert ist. So, jetzt schalte ich meine alte Festplatte mal lieber wieder aus - es gibt viel zu tun! :-)


Dienstag, Januar 01, 2008

Happy 2008!


The kids had such a blast at New Year's Eve. Juliana stayed up until 1 a.m.!!! Goofying around with Suzie and Markus the whole time. I bet poor Suzie lost 10 lbs. that evening, hehe.

Enjoying the table fireworks

Juliana being a big goofball in my old pjs

Then she fell asleep with Uncle Markus ....

... you would think. NOPE! This shot is taken about three seconds later. Where does she get all the energy from?

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