Dienstag, Oktober 23, 2007

Long before the butterflies

These pics could actually qualify for another contest (ok, let's finish the other one first, hehe), so guess, who these cute little bambini are!! :-)

The other day I was flipping through my old albums (always bring a smile to my face, but also so scary how time flies), and I found these .... Juliana (not even two years old - one-and-a-half) and Lilly who had just turned 2 ... when they weren't butterflies yet ...

Isn't that the cutest age? I love all the CHUBBBY!!! And where they do funny things with goats :-)

Felix (not even four!) has always been such a little charmer!

Ha, and I found this picture, Juliana had already super good taste at one-and-a-half, hehe. Look, how she's flirting! He seems to enjoy it! TDF

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