Freitag, Oktober 12, 2007

Cool contest

Geez, why didn't I come up with this idea? My wonderful friend Christina over at Prince Vince meets the world is running a cool contest in her yesterday's post where you can win a copy of my new book Schmetterlingszauber. So, you better hurry! :-)

Could I possibly think of a cuter marketing boy, hehe!

In case you didn't know yet, Christina is selling - also ONLINE - the cutest kids shoes ever!!!! Nicolas and Juliana LOVE their Vincent shoes!!! Not to forget the cute and cool accessoires!

P. S. For all Prince Vince Fans: Rumor has it that Vincent is part of my upcoming book on Fathers and their Kids with the something extra.

P. P. S. Since this idea with the contest is so neat, I will run my own one somewhen soon! So stay tuned! :-)