Freitag, Juli 20, 2007


She's only five years old, and it seems like Juliana had a busier schedule this week than our Chancellor, hehe. Monday and Wednesday, the lucky girl had two birthday parties to go to, Tuesday and Thursday she had her girlfriends over and today she was invited by two cute little boys (pics to come soon!)

Meet Sophie - Juliana's beautiful (kindergarten-) girlfriend

... who just loves being photographed - lucky me!

This loooong series of the two girls so much reveals WHO Juliana is ....

... a cute little girl :-)

... the biggest goofball on earth with two missing teeth

.... a beautiful little girl - with a beautiful girlfriend

... a girl blessed with neat friends

... a girl who lives in the moment

... a BIG goofball - I just can't say that often enough ;-9

... and a funny story-teller!

These are pics from the birthday party the girls went to on Wednesday. I am so grateful, Sophie's Mom gave them to me. I wasn't there ... and don't you just always wanna be a fly on the wall to watch what your kids are doing out-of-house? :-) Obviously they had fun - big time!

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