Montag, April 30, 2007

Meet Christina

Christina does not only have the cutest of all baby boys (you'll meet him in one of my next posts!), she has also one of the most sought-after blogs. Christina started her famous blog last year February while she was pregnant and moving to Europe. Little did she and her husband Bookie know that later in May they'll be blessed with the cutest baby son who's got something extra. So her blog was a fantastic tool to let friends & family grow up almost every day with their adorable Prince Vince and all the good and bad things having to do with the extra chromosome.

What a model!!!!

Christina's best jump, haha!

Kids - don't try this at home, respectively at your Daddy's gas station ;-)

She's so much fun!

I love her attitude - and it's all about attitudes!!!!

Proudly - and so much in love - looking at Prince Vince

In September, Christina will open up her own shoe store (WOW!!!) for little girls and boys. The name of the store couldn't be better: Vincent's Shoe Store! They have the cutest shoes and so reasonably priced! You'll have to check it out!!!!

You guys, I miss you already! I hope you had a safe trip home!

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