Donnerstag, März 29, 2007

It's Spring - let's go to Italy!

And enjoy the good coffee there ... and the good food ... and so much more ...

My good friend Rhonda, she's so very photogenic!!!

***CLICK HERE*** for many more photos!

Of course we went to the Galleria Victor Emanuelle II - the biggest "Passage" in Europe and a catwalk of elegance. Rhonda in front of the PRADA-store thinking "Hmm, shall I really go in there ...? :-)

There's a saying: when you put your foot in this hole (well, you can't really see the hole, can you? ;-) and you successfully turn around 360° (which you can't really tell from this collage either ;-) ... you will comeback to Milan. Well, I succeeded! I'll be back! :-)

We had so much fun recording a little testimonial - I am so impressed how good Rhonda speaks Italian. You'll find the English Version soon on my website :-)

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